Hostess Love was created with the sole mission of elevating in home entertaining. Whether you are an entertaining novice, or a seasoned party planner, Hostess Love is here to enhance your in home celebrations. What is an elevated experience? Hostess Love seeks to help you curate experiences that stimulate all five of your senses, to treat yourself and your guests to an unforgettable celebration.

Our entertaining at home ideas can be found in our ebooks, courses, blog posts, and gift boxes.


 My Story 


Hello I’m Cece, and hospitality runs in my blood. Growing up in New Orleans ,my mother owned a bed and breakfast  and I worked alongside her for years. The southern charm of the city known for its hospitality has never left and I’m certain that this is why entertaining comes naturally to me. Over time, I continued to pursue my passion for hosting. I worked as a hostess in a Five Star Restaurant and I’ve taken several courses in the hospitality industry to hone my skills. 

I’ve been on this journey for a long time and my passion for hosting in style  has never slowed down. To date, I continue to host regularly and I have curated a collection of resources that have enabled me and my clients to level up and consistently deliver unforgettable experiences.

And now I’m ready to do the same for you.